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This affiliate program is designed for creators in anime-related niches, where you can sell your designs by your self and make money while you sleep!

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Sign up and start today, following this five simple steps to becoming an Animedaisuki Affiliate.

  1. First of all, You will need to create or opt one gmail and paypal account also you need make a video presentation of your designs for to complete it.
  2. Second, Once you have the above information you can complete the following "Affiliate Program" Form.

  3. Once we've completed we will get in contact to let you know between 7 - 10 days all datails.
  4. Then, you will recieve an e-mail with the "Google Drive" Folder access for to upload your designs (at this moment, you have to upload one of your free designs as introduction).
  5. Be sure, each design per folder and attach the setup documentation (you can make a video as extra), Now you have your very own personalised sell folder!.
  6. Clients will get access to each forlder after they complete they payment (you need share access to them) we only works with gmail account.
  7. At last, feel free to ask any questions in our discord group or open a contact support.

IMPORTANT: Any kind of malware, exploit or back door in any zip or file, will be a reason to be expelled from the affiliate program.{alertWarning}

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